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Covid-19 Update : 


The clinic is slowly reopening, in the first instance to urgent / emergency /necessary / essential cases…


Please do telephone us on 01943 607231 so that we can discuss if you fall under criteria to consider a face-to-face consultation.  

Triage First : 

Our first contact will involve gathering details of your problem, which will point us towards a probable diagnosis.  We will then ask some screening questions to ascertain your covid-19 risk levels.  We will then combine the above information to lead us to a decision as to whether a face-to-face appointment is the best way forward.  

Can we help via Zoom or FaceTime?

In some circumstances, we may offer a virtual Zoom or FaceTime appointment, if we feel we can help in without the need for physical input


Face-to-Face / Hands-on Treatments

We may decide face-to-face / hands-on treatment is needed if for example : 

  • we are unable to accurately diagnose you remotely

  • we would prevent you from needing GP or A&E input

  • we would prevent further physical / permanent damage occurring (for example something like a disc prolapse)

  • if your existing condition is deteriorating / impacting on your daily life / keeping you from keeping-fit or caring for others

  • if you do not have access to the technology to access Zoom or FaceTime

  • if you need treatment to return to work / carry on working 

  • if your condition may lead to secondary problems arising

We will then discuss the risk vs treatment need to make sure you understand and are part of the decision process and check for any symptom signs in both you and anyone you live with or have had contact with.


Attending the Clinic : 

If we decide face-to-face treatment is needed, we have put the below measures in place to ensure we all maintain social distancing and hygiene standards needed to minimise the spread of the virus :

  • Only one physiotherapist and patient will be in the clinic at any one time

  • Patients are booked on the hour (for their 45 minute appointment) to allow a 15 minute cleaning routine to take place in between each and every patient (including the plinth, any chair used, the door handles, the hand rails, the doorbell and any equipment used during treatment).

  • Patients will only be admitted into the clinic at the time of their appointment, to avoid any crossover with the prior patient.

  • Patients will be asked to use the hand sanitiser gel / to wash hands upon entering and leaving the clinic

  • Patients will be asked to wear a face mask to attend

  • All windows will be open, leaving the clinic well ventilated

  • We will stay at least 2 metres away from you unless hands-on treatment is needed (which you can stop if you are not comfortable with at any time)

  • We will be wearing a facemark, visor, a fresh plastic apron and gloves for each patient 

  • Our uniforms are changed for each shift and we do not wear them outside the clinic

We hope this reassures you that if we do decide to see you face-to-face, we have taken every measure advised to limit the chance of any infection spread and we will assess the ongoing need to continue face-to-face / hands-on input at the end of each session, until we are advised it is safe to restart a more normal clinic pattern.  


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